Monday, 1 August 2011


Pixie fronting Violet at the Sanderson Hotel

Everyone is talking about Pixie Geldof's new band Violet. They've been causing  a buzz after gigging the party scene so I’ve tracked down this video for you to watch (see below) as they're really quite good, if you like acoustic and moody...I do.   
I could imagine Pixie fronting a 90s indie group, think Letters to Cleo or No Doubt, the sort that played at proms in American teen chick flicks!. Aside from looking the part, Pixie’s voice sounds hauntingly cool and she played the guitar well during this set.
Of course, the regulation Geldof haters won't bother to listen and will write this off immediately (although I'm not sure she'd care) but have a listen, I think you’ll be surprised.
I’ve met Pixie and closely followed her style so I'm looking forward to hearing more from her band. The web doesn't seem to reveal too much about Violet, nor can I find a website. However, judging from this snippet I don't think it’ll be long until we do hear more!

See what you think...

Image: Purple DIARY