Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Links of London Skull Bracelets

I am a compulsive bracelet hauler and feel naked without a good stacking! The latest to catch my eye are the new punk-inspired Links of London skull bracelets. The only downside with these is deciding which one to buy! Being a fan of all things neon I will probably go for the multi-coloured (exclusive to the web and only 1000 made, be quick). These cool bracelets are made of tiny skulls sown into a thread bracelet and will look great alongside the rest of your wrist candy.

My Sweetie bracelet has been great but I've found one critism with my Friendship. I would definitely not advise you to go for a white or creamy shade of thread as their light cotton proves difficult to keep clean. My silver and white bracelet looked really worn after a few months, even though I looked after it, and I haven’t been able to restore it to a clean white.

The skull bracelets start at £135 and if you go for a dark or rich bright shade of cotton there is no reason why you can't keep it forever. I am all about investment pieces and believe Links of London bracelets are well worth the asking price. They are sturdy and can pretty much withstand anything...try six festivals and counting!

All bracelets are available to buy in store or online at Links of London

Images: Links of London