Thursday, 14 July 2011

Review: Models Own Nail Polish

I was recently sent a small selection of Models Own nail polish to test. I received 'Top Turquoise', 'Pastel Pink' and 'Gold Rush'.

First up was 'Top Turquoise' which I was really excited about trying as this is my favourite colour and I am constantly on the look out for a great bright version. However, when I unwrapped the package I was more than disappointed to find Top Turquoise was in fact more 'Top Teal'. The picture on the website shows a really bright shade of turquoise whereas in reality the colour is heavily muted. Even so, upon application the polish smoothes on great and the appliance brush is narrow which enables a neat finish. After just one coat the colour is blocked and is in no way transparent (pet hate). The consistency is strong and the polish stays put; I wore it to Glastonbury and only had to reapply once.
Overall the only criticism I can give is with regards to the colour. I really wouldn't call it turquoise, it is definitely teal. Alas, if you like teal then do grab one of these. Aside from shade name accuracy, I can’t fault it.

Next I tried 'Pastel Pink' and was really pleased. The result is a block light pink which sort of reminded me of a Barbie doll's nails! I applied two coats, and as you can see, the results were great. The varnish has a smooth and shiny finish and definitely looks as though you have applied a glossy top coat. It’s a really nice shade for summer and one I will definitely be buying again.

Last (and by all means least) I tried 'Gold Rush'. This polish came out completely transparent and it took five coats to get the deep shade you can see in the photographs (by which time my nails had become thick and gloopy.) From the outside you would think you were getting a good metallic block shade but instead you get a watered down and glitter based paint. It is extremely shimmery, which is lovely and sparkly, but I can't help believing it’s just a clear polish mixed with gold glitter. It is not the solid gold I thought I was getting. It does look nice in the photographs, but remember, I had to apply five coats to reach that shade so I can't imagine it would last very long. I think I will continue in my quest to find a great metallic gold. If anyone knows of one…let me know!

Overall Top Turquoise and Pink Pastel are great (the prior just needs a name change). The results are bright and they are deep in tone. The paint is smooth, stays on and doesn't chip. However, I think anyone buying Gold Rush would be disappointed with the result as you don’t get what you see through the bottle.

The Models Own website has a huge section of polish and my disappointment in Gold Rush hasn't deterred me from wanting to try more. There are a couple of other shades of gold I am going to try so perhaps one of those will be the perfect golden I am after. I particularly like the look of the neon shades and the rest of the pastel shades look appealing too. I will keep you posted.

Finally; price. In Boots each polish is either £5 or £6. Online at Models Own there is an offer were you can buy three and save £3 or buy five and save £7 . Shipping is £2.95 so you can save a little this way.

Please use the link for full information on how to purchase Models Own nail polish.

Images: Novateur