Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Oh my god, you look just like Shakira
No no, you’re Catherine Zeta
Actually, my name’s

When Marina Lambrini (really) Diamandis was asked to describe her style in three words she choose 'vintage, cheerleader and cartoon'.  Novateur hearts both her style and music in equal measures so it is only right she is our next Style Icon.

I first noticed Marina when she popped up on MTV writhing in sequins, stars and stripes and singing about teens, queens and all things Hollywood: off went my Americana alarm. The added bonus with this (it turned out Welsh-Greek) beauty was that aside from the visual treat the video offered, it was actually a great song. Think glitter pop-rock meets new wave disco, a little Debbie Harry, a twist of Madonna and there you have  it. However, Marina is no carbon copy. What sets her apart from the crowd is the main Diamandis trait which is at the core of the music; her wonderful operatic voice. Her tendency to be anti-celebrity is also more than appealing as well as the fact she actually really really does care about her fans. ‘The Diamonds’ of her stage name does, after all, refer to her loyal and ever growing following and she has even been known to have a fan photo as her Facebook fan page profile picture.

After the release of the album delightfully entitled, The Family Jewels, success followed and so did a string of bubblegum tour get-ups with Marina all neon lips and Liz Taylor brows standing in the spotlight, her thick black mane playing in the wind machine. The album (and outfits) have given Marina world-wide fame.

I was lucky enough to catch her last summer at the super sunny Reading Festival along with a legion of other ‘Diamonds’ all faithfully packed into a tent to catch a glimpse and to, well, have a dance. She did not disappoint.

Marina is currently finishing her new album and sporting a choppy bob and I, for one, cannot wait to see what is next. So, to remind you of past galore, here are Novateur's favourite MD looks; think Mickey Mouse meets Wednesday a neon paint fight.

 The singles included some pretty cool artwork too...

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You can follow Marina on Twitter at!/marinasdiamonds

Images: Online at Vogue, Look Magazine, Elle and Wikipedia