Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hearting The Ragged Priest

Ok, so as a blogger you should be totally open. This is a huge step for me; I'm revealing my favourite brand, a brand where I purchase my most treasured vintage-inspired treats. If rock n roll is your thing, then look no further. Say hello to...the Ragged Priest.

The RP is a haven if your drawn to the wardrobe of Janis Joplin or anything remotely leather and studded and looks fresh from the back of a Hells Angel. Highlights include; wool jumpers with leather and studded lapels, vintage Levi shorts ripped and dyed every shade of the neon rainbow, and cowgirl boots accessorised with Aztec print and western feathers. The RP can be found at their online boutique, their ebay store, and their concession in Topshop on Oxford Street. The website and ebay store also sell carefully selected vintage pieces.

Here's what you'll find...

All items available to buy online at The Ragged Priest
To visit The Ragged Priest ebay store click here
Or, visit The Ragged Priest concession in-store at Topshop Oxford Circus

Images: The Ragged Priest