Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Coffee Table Books: Style by Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad: style queen, fashion crush, reality star, designer, cover girl, blogger and top-selling author. Lauren is a former MTV teen queen with a difference. Not content on riding The Hills celebrity party wagon this girl has real ambition and genuine style, thus having created a perfectly fashionable empire.

Lauren is the picture perfect all-American fashionista; long sunkissed tresses, golden tan, luminous skin and the ability to mix affordable fashion with luxe designer pieces. More importantly, Lauren is a great role model and extremely likable. Despite her privileged upbringing, her moral and positively 'normal' character shone through on Laguna Beach and The Hills gathering a legion of fans the world over. We have watched her travel from a nervous teen with yellow streaked hair to a chic young lady in Louboutin's and Chanel. Lauren really has earned her place as a fashionista and symbolizes the growth we go through when finding our natural style. No longer doing reality TV (MTV thought her latest offering focusing on her fashion empire too high-brow for their audience) business savvy Lauren is now focusing on designing her lines for Kohl's and Paper Crown. She also heads the team behind The Beauty Department which offers advice, forecasts trends and posts tutorials on all things hair, nails, skin and make-up. With all this under her belt, Lauren Conrad was the perfect fashion icon to pen a helpful Style book.

I love LC so buying this book was a no-brainer. Style is a beautifully illustrated guide featuring Lauren's top tips on looking good, keeping stylish and staying classy. The book is divided into three sections -- Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle which consist of events including work, parties, travel, and school. The pages are bursting with tips and ideas on how to make the most of your wardrobe. Lauren suggests not to focus on multi-buying but rather in shopping for key investment pieces which she identifies in lovely features such as 'Little Black Dress' - five ways to wear the same classic LBD. This book really is accessible to the everyday girl, something Lauren which has come to embody.

Lauren is known for her staple look of beachy ombre hair, light tan and cat flick eyes so you'll also find lots of make-up and hair features. The book explains the importance of finding your own unique look, a look that you can be comfortable with.

Most excitingly, Style is crammed with eye candy and Lauren is photographed looking gorgeous and savvy in an array of effortlessly cool outfits; a major selling point in itself.

Overall this book offers great common sense tips on dressing and finding your look. Style is the perfect companion for a young teen in the process of finding her style or the 20-something looking for useful tips on how to organise their wardrobe, shop practically or pack for holidays. Either way, this book is a vast source of outfit inspiration and the fashion illustrations make for a delightful coffee table staple.

If you love Lauren Conrad, then you will enjoy this book.

You can buy Style by Lauren Conrad at Amazon

Images: Harper Collins & style.com