Sunday, 16 September 2012

Style Inspiration: Stevie Nicks

Original bohemian Stevie Nicks has one of the most distinguishable female voices in the history of rock n roll. When we hear her sing of broken love, we feel her pain. Her tone is husky, vulnerable and coated in velvet. Stevie is a free spirit and her killer gypsy style is as earthy and natural as the woman herself.

As the last to join Fleetwood Mac, it might have been wise to assume the 'main parts' had already been fixed into place. However, the band had been missing a face, a heart, and a defining presence. After meeting Lindsey Buckingham during high school, the young lovers embarked on an unsuccessful plight as a musical duo. Soon after, a despairing Buckingham was asked to join Fleetwood Mac. He agreed with just one term; the invitation must also extend to girlfriend Stevie. The rest is history. Stevie sparkled as the pained lead singer, swirling and swaying romantically across the stage, shadowed in layers of silk and tasselled lace. With her long flowing hair, top hats, floral dresses and mysterious velvet hoods, Stevie was (and still is) the original hippy chick.