Monday, 23 January 2012


Firstly, MADEWELL COME TO THE UK (or, at the very least ship)! Across the pond, Madewell malnourished fashionistas are running wild! Send help!

I stumbled across Madewell in San Francisco whilst holidaying. Since then, to no avail, I've searched the net relentlessly trying to find a UK loophole that will allow me to click my favorite button in the world; 'add to basket'. Rather unfortunately, the retailer is only available online for US, Canadian and Japanese customers. Lets hope they follow in the footsteps of their sister store J Crew who launched a UK e-store.

Madewell is very Alexa.  It really isn't difficult to see why the company chose to adopt Chung as muse and collaborator. The merge is a very comfortable fit. The launch of the American adoptee's two collections forced the website to crash and thrust millions of girls throughout the US into fashion pandemonium! 
Like Alexa, Madewell is effortlessy cool, practical and understated. On their website the company write their clothing moto as; “designs for tomboys who like dresses”. The Madewell heritage and essence lies in well constructed denim, crisp shirts, stripy tees, chinos and pretty sun dresses. Accessories have boyish flair and include grandad cardigans, bow ties and brogues. Each garment has a hand made feel and work Alexa's practical chic. Throw in their leather totes (very Mulberry) and a pair of their tortoise sunnies and you've pretty much got the idea. 

Personally, I hate it when someone buys everything from the same shop and then wears it all at the same time; you can totally tell it comes straight off the mannequin and lacks any real imagination. Style, after all, is about sourcing your own look. However, Madewell might just be the exception. I could happily prance around all spring in their Tiffany blue skinnies, cotton tee's, and suade espadrilles. In short, I want the whole shop.

In conclusion, Madewell = fashion tease! After visiting the San Fran store and religiously drooling over the site...I feel miserable. Well, now you too shall share my despair! Here's a peak at the SS12 collection...which you can’t buy if your reading this from my end of the globe! However, I’m sure if we all unite and spread the Madewell word, perhaps we’ll be granted a UK shop. 
Or, better get booking those flights.